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Met & Miezen

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Feuerschwanz once again escort you to one of their infamous and foolish medieval fetes with lots of mead & puss. In the usual Feuerschwanz manner, the 18 songs invite you to join in the celebrations and drinking on the sidelines. Starting with the intro "Once upon a time... (Part 2)", as well as songs like "The Barber", "Defender of the True Mead" and the interlude "Spotzzz" quickly show that seriousness has to give way to Feuerschwanz humour on Met & Miezen too. Let yourself be carried away into the world of Captain Feuerschwanz and his bunch.


1. Es war einmal...(Teil 2)
2. Met und Miezen
3. Ra Ra Rattenschwanz
4. Der Glöckner
5. Vaganten
6. Zwischenspotzzz
7. Lied vom Haufen
8. Feuerkantate
9. Zwischenspotzzz
10. Meister der Folter
11. Der Barbier
12. Verteidiger des wahren Mets
13. Die buckligen Fiedler
14. Zwischenspotzzz
15. Holdste Maid
16. Der geile Prinz
17. Habe Mut
18. Letzte Feier