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With the charm of life-addicted minstrels, the joke- and drink-loving comedic souls around their leader Captain Feuerschwanz hit right into the heart of the audience. They offer a varied sound brew of hard guitar riffs and effervescent, playful medieval folk - garnished with infectiously amusing comedic moments on stage. After two studio albums and one live album, "Metvernichter" is the fourth strike from the main man and his horny bunch. The familiar medieval and folky sounds, partly spiced with ska rhythms, are mixed with brute walls of guitars and loud bagpipes. A band album from one mould, which stands for the constant musical development of the group. And the Erlangen warhorses even take a stand on health issues. Their hit on swine flu: " Hurra, Hurra, die Pest ist da" (Hooray, hooray, the plague is here).


01. Es war einmal...Teil 3
02. Metvernichter
03. Ich will tanzen
04. Hurra hurra die Pest ist da
05. Vampir
06. Schnaps und Schnecken
07. Der Troll
08. Für eine Nacht
09. Schwanzonate
10. Der Ekel
11. Ferdinand
12. Loreley
13. Falsche Rose
14. Zehn kleine Ritterlein
15. Die einsame Träne
16. Am Feuer