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Wunsch Ist Wunsch

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The castle wall shakes, the maidens tremble, the mead barrels roll - that can only mean one thing: Feuerschwanz are doing the honours! With their extravagant medieval rock show, the self-proclaimed horny bunch around Captain Feuerschwanz and Prince Hodenherz takes others and not least themselves to the (mead) horn. The Franconian glam knights, who by their own admission cannot write serious lyrics, display a joy of playing and energy bordering on pure madness, so that every concert becomes an unforgettable experience. With the fourth strike, "Wunsch ist Wunsch", the six-year (800-year, according to Captain F. S.) band history is continued: Together with Thomas Heimann-Trosien (Schandmaul, Saltatio Mortis, among others), the bunch entrenched themselves in Feuerschwanz Castle. It's about megalomaniac revelries, traumatic tavern experiences, permanent erections, tolerance, a homage to the bagpipes and that fateful encounter of the captain with a beautiful forest fairy. But what actually is a mead machine?


01. Es War Einmal. (Teil4)
02. Wir Lieben Dudelsack
03. Jungfernkranz
04. Wunsch Ist Wunsch
05. Latte
06. Monogamie
07. Maria
08. Des Kriegers Sohn
09. Der Henker
10. Toleranz
11. Metmaschine
12. Vorspiel
13. Symposium
14. Albrecht Der Bruchpilot